Olivier Mercier

Research Scientist - Display Systems Research
Facebook Reality Labs

Numerical Methods for Set Transport and Related Partial Differential Equations
Master's Thesis, McGill University, 2013
Olivier Mercier
McGill University
Jean-Christophe Nave
McGill University
In many cases, the simulation of a physical system requires to track the evolution of a set. This set can be a piece of cloth in the wind, the boundary between a body of water and air, or even a fire front burning through a forest. From a numerical point of view, transporting such sets can be difficult, and algorithms to achieve this task more efficiently and with more accuracy are always in demand. In this thesis, we present various methods to track sets in a given vector field. We also apply those techniques to various physical systems where the vector field is coupled to the advected set in a non-linear way.
  title={Numerical Methods for Set Transport and Related Partial Differential Equations},
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