Olivier Mercier

Research Scientist - Display Systems Research
Facebook Reality Labs

Iterative Solvers for Physics-based Simulations and Displays
Ph.D. Thesis, Université de Montréal, 2018
Olivier Mercier
Université de Montréal
Derek Nowrouzezahrai
McGill University
In this thesis by publication, we present three papers where iterative algorithms play a major role in a simulation or rendering method. First, we propose a method to improve the visual quality of fluid simulations. By creating a high-resolution surface representation around an input fluid simulation, stabilized with iterative methods, we introduce additional details atop of the simulation. Second, we describe a method to compute fluid simulations using model reduction. We design a novel vector field basis to represent fluid velocity, creating a method specifically tailored to improve all iterative components of the simulation. Finally, we present an algorithm to compute high-quality images for multifocal displays in a virtual reality context. Displaying images on multiple display layers incurs significant additional costs, but we formulate the image decomposition problem so as to allow an efficient solution using a simple iterative algorithm.
  title={Iterative Solvers for Physics-based Simulations and Displays},
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